Joe Ross Dagnall Personal Trainer Sheffield

Joe Ross Dagnall Personal Trainer Sheffield

Loving my training with Joe! I actually look forward to the gym as I can see changes in my body, mind, and my attitude towards exercise. Highly recommended. - Lucy Frost

Joe clearly has great knowledge and experience in both exercise and nutrition. He cares about personal goals and is committed to his team. I have found him to be flexible in terms of booking sessions and always responds to any questions promptly when I contact him. Joe understands that the gym environment can be daunting at first, he made me feel at ease and now my confidence is growing each time I visit the gym. I have learnt so much in such a short time and I’m sure this will continue! - Louise Moore

I’m in my second month with Joe and I’m really enjoying it, I’ve wanted to do weights properly for a while but would have never had the confidence to start out on my own, anything new usually gives me ridiculous anxiety but I’ve felt comfortable training with him from the beginning, he’s incredibly knowledgable in nutrition as well as exercise and tailors everything to suit you. If your thinking of getting a personal trainer don’t hesitate in contacting Joe - Kelsey Fretwell

Joe is very knowledgeable and is quick to adapt training to compensate a persons limitations. he has a keen eye for technique and how to train correctly. i love my time training with joe and im learning all the time - Dave Rogers

Joe is fantastic, I have a substantial amount of weight to loose and have tried every diet under the sun. Working with Joe and really given me focus and I can actually say I'm enjoying going to the gym (which I would never think those words would come out of my mouth). Joe is down to earth and very professional and really knows his eggs. Thank you Joe for all your encouragement - Emma Barnsley

Joe definitely knows his stuff and is very informative with the educational side of why you are doing it to help give you a better understanding of why it is helping to achieve your goals. I have seen him do his own training in the past, and he definitely practices what he preaches. I couldn't recommend Joe enough. You definitely get back what you put in with Joe. He is knowledgeable too for any adaptation whether it be in the exercise or diet. - Emma Carrol

I started with joe not having a clue what I was doing in the gym and a knee issue that had limited my training. He helped me with my posture and advised which exercises to avoid and my knee soon improved, not only has he helped with my training he's given me the knowledge I need to progress when I'm not with him. No matter what the question he's always on the other end of the phone to help you out. Exactly what you want in a PT.
- Laura Nutt

Been working with Joe for two years and even though I'm a nightmare to work with and never follow my diet, Joe has never given up on me.
He is easy going and flexible on his rota
I hate the gym and never went alone before using Joe
I now have the confidence and knowledge to face the gym alone.
I learn something new in very session and if I'm not sure... I simply ask
Thanks for all your help so far Joe
- Elisha Treserden

Well my first week training with Joe went really well I honestly didn’t feel confident to train with how big I am and I’ve never really trained in a Gym before or done too much weights as exercise so I am completely new to all this .Joe has created a routine that is suitable for my level of exercise based on my personal circumstances and health .I was very nervous training with a man and a little embarrassed if I’m honest because I’m not the typical person you see who goes to the Gym , but Joe made me feel very welcome and put all my concerns at ease although i do have along way to go,Joe was very professional and with his knowledge and I have learnt so much already . Joe has given me guidance on my diet and he is creating a plan that suits me individually . So for anybody who is reading these reviews and has the same concerns as me please give it a try instead of by passing it and letting your confidence tell you that you can’t (I used to be that person ) Go and give it a go what’s the worst that can happen ,I’m looking forward to my journey it’s going to take time and it won’t be easy but I’m sure it’s going to be worth it I will reach my goal with Joe’s support - Cassie Richardson

Currently getting instruction from Joe and this has totally changed my way of working out, i actually thought i was doing things right until i got Joe's help and realised i could be doing less for higher results. - David Thompson

had my assessment today with joe went really well, great friendly guy makes you feel really comfortable really used his knowledge to make you understand what’s going to be happening, explained everything well excited to train with him !
- Danielle Elizabeth

I've been training with Joe…
On to my second week with Joe, and I can’t fault him on bit!
He knows what he’s on about and has the passion to better anyone life!
- Sophie Hodges