Ladies in the Room

June 25, 2018By adminBlog Posts

There’s no wonder many females get a f*cking complex about going to gyms when there’s people on social media and in gyms criticizing what outfits they wear to train, what amount of makeup they wear to the gym, whether they workout for too long or not long enough? It doesn’t really matter if someone wants … Read More

Free Tip

May 11, 2018By adminBlog Posts

Females in the room, how to gauge if you’re going to have a strong gym session? One possible method? Look at your mood? If you feel like diving onto your partner and tearing their clothes off? Get in the gym! You should get a good hormonal response. Alternatively if you feel like hitting your partner … Read More

If I eat carbs after 7.30 I’ll store fat

May 11, 2018By adminBlog Posts

Ok so before the clock strikes 7.30 tonight and we all turn into fat storing zombies let’s try save you! Your body doesn’t have an internal alarm clock that rings in the evening saying store fat when carbohydrates are consumed. It is simple over eating and portion control that causes weight gain, not evening Cho … Read More

Carbs are not the enemy and Insulin isn’t the bad guy

May 11, 2018By adminBlog Posts

Carbohydrates are one of the primary sources you fuel your body with. Meaning energy levels, metabolic rate and your seratonin ( mood ) all increases. Eating faster acting carbs ( sugar/ fruits ) as opposed to slower digesting ones ( oats / wholegrains ) can cause spikes in your Insulin due to signaling from the … Read More


May 11, 2018By adminBlog Posts

I have worked with hundreds if not thousands of individuals throughout my career and one fundamental factor is being honest with people. I’m fortunate to have met and taught some very relentless clients who will simply keep going until their targets obtainable. Whilst I have had many scenario’s of success, there is the opposite end … Read More