Shiny Breakfast Eating Ideas

March 16, 2019By adminBlog Posts

Breakfast doesn’t have to be a tedious tale of bland porridge and protein shakes. I’ve gone with a mixture of mushroom types, eggs, baked beans mixed with a little chorizo and a couple slices of halloumi. You could finish with a few griddled asparagus spears too but I was all out. In my personal opinion … Read More

Protein and TEF

October 29, 2018By adminBlog Posts

Everything we do requires calories – from training in the gym to getting out of bed in a morning. Even eating food requires some energy as we need to digest and absorbed the nutrients inside it using mechanical processes that require calories. TEF or Thermic effect of food is the amount of kcals needed to … Read More

Quick Myth Fix

July 19, 2018By adminBlog Posts

– Eating carbohydrates after 7pm won’t cause fat storage, if anything i’d advise eating slower digesting carbs before bed you’ll have a great nights sleep aiding adrenal fatigue and reducing bodily stress whilst also fuelling for the next morning for all those that “ don’t have time for breakfast” – Muscle doesn’t weigh more than … Read More

Why Do We Train?

July 2, 2018By adminBlog Posts

The popular notion towards weight training or any type of related exercise stems to people wanting to get healthier and improve how they look? But why? For many individuals the water runs quite deep, it’s far more psychological than it is the physical. I speak about this regularly and rightfully so, anxiety, confidence issues, depression … Read More