September 6, 2019By adminBlog Posts

From confidence barriers, menstrual cycles, post menopausal, hormone imbalancements, post pregnancy and issues such as PCOS…. Female training is vast in comparison to male counterparts . Over the years I’ve worked with individuals from all ends of the spectrum and the results we’ve achieved both physically and mentally is incredible. Female sport specifically has reached … Read More

Your Story

September 6, 2019By adminBlog Posts

So you try to change your life for the better, you decide that you don’t accept average anymore. Don’t be afraid of losing certain people and social connections in the process. The one’s that attempt to cage your life and hold you back are often the one’s that have little light shining in their lives. … Read More

Trust the Process

May 28, 2019By adminBlog Posts

💫TRUST THE PROCESS💫 When it comes to any career venture or lifestyle ambition in life we often don’t find it easy, however it is certainly worth the tough journey. To come from nothing and achieve any great success it requires commitment, passion and the ability see your mistakes, learn from them, pick yourself up and … Read More

Big Respect

May 23, 2019By adminBlog Posts

Big respect for this guy, listens to all my advice and has unbelievable tenacity with training sessions. My man Jon got leaner and got seriously strong in the process all whilst maintaining his love for food! 🤛🏻

Another Inspirational Client

May 13, 2019By adminBlog Posts

Another Inspirational client showing how diligent they are with their training. Her abilities go from strength to strength and as a result her summer body making great progress…. all whilst still enjoying that weekend pizza! The process with all my team is to put in the required work and still enjoy what they eat. Food … Read More

Transformation Tuesday

April 19, 2019By adminBlog Posts

My vision as a personal trainer for a long time has been to ensure we strive for results whilst preserving that individual’s happiness and not to cause further mental stress during the process. We achieve this by actually taking time to listen to the type of workouts they enjoy, any apprehension they have and including … Read More

A Diet Doesn’t Need To Feel Like a Diet

April 19, 2019By adminBlog Posts

A diet shouldn’t have to feel like a diet from my perspective. Food constitutes as one of the worlds primary sources of what makes people happy. In an age where mental health is at an all time high should we not want to hold onto the things that lift our mood, enabling us to feel … Read More

The Hip Thrust

April 19, 2019By adminBlog Posts

The Hip Thrust, a fairly misunderstood movement that has received a little scrutiny throughout it’s existence. First of all is it safe to put that much weight on your hips? A study undertaken in July 2017 detailing injuries sustained during exercises showed an interesting 61% of lifters hurt themselves squatting, 64% deadlifting and just 17% … Read More

Fine Tune Your Tuna

March 16, 2019By adminBlog Posts

Fine tune your Tuna ! Tuna pasta has stood the test of time for being a budget friendly, protein rich meal fix. One problem I always found with this ‘student staple’ was it’s lack of punching flavour ( without dousing it in cheese ) So here’s my spin on this fishy favourite. I go with … Read More