Gym Respect

November 21, 2021By adminBlog Posts

There’s no wonder so many women get a complex about going to gyms when there’s types of people on social media criticizing their body type, what outfits they wear and how hard they train. If someone wants to workout in disco leggings or a baggy hoody and jogging bottoms? Surely, It’s specific to whatever that … Read More

Ego Lifters

June 28, 2021By adminBlog Posts

Definition; Said individual uses heavy weights they can’t control or move effectively, in attempt to gain credibility from onlookers. In all honesty I probably fell into this category 15 years ago. With experience and some education we learn if developing a healthy trained body is the target consideration of muscle contraction, technique and longevity of … Read More

Why Do We Train?

March 12, 2021By adminBlog Posts

The popular notion towards weight training or any type of related exercise stems from people wanting to become healthier and improve how they look. But why? For many people it’s more than just going to a gym, it’s equally as psychological as it is physical. I speak about this openly during consultations with clients, anxiety, … Read More

Addressing the Elephant in the Room

January 29, 2021By adminBlog Posts

It was a rising concern before lockdown and in the midst of Covid 19 it all it has only amplified… Our mental condition. Habitually we’ll ask people if they’re alright and naturally they respond with “yeah, you?” The truth is, so many of us aren’t alright at all and out of fear of being labelled … Read More

Put On Your Persistent Party Hat

January 23, 2021By adminBlog Posts

Ever failed at a goal? ever royally screwed something up? Yeah? Me too! Why is it that we fail, get upset and make all these mistakes? Because we are designed to. As humans it’s all part of our infrastructure to reach points of difficulty, it’s also in our capacity as humans to find new ways … Read More

Protein Power

January 13, 2021By adminBlog Posts

From training in the gym, talking and engaging in bedroom athletics it all requires calories. Even eating food requires energy as we need them to digest and absorb nutrients. TEF or Thermic effect of food is the amount of kcals needed to process what we eat and protein burns more energy on consumption than fat … Read More

Welcome to a New Year

January 5, 2021By adminBlog Posts

We’ve all heard it “New year, new you” a statement which is often abandoned after a few half hearted weeks. So Why does this vow result in reverting back to the old habits? – People tend to take on too much too soon, invest in a journal, write down and be accountable for your targets. … Read More

Behind the Mask

December 1, 2020By adminBlog Posts

The girl they may mock for wearing confidence boosting makeup, or the person they try to crush for the clothes they wear because putting on that outfit makes them feel damn decent? The bodybuilders you judge for living in the gym, it’s possible they spend their time there to channel tension or upset that’s occurring … Read More

Out of Sight, Out of MInd

December 1, 2020By adminBlog Posts

Whilst you remain attached to certain negative situations, toxic people or unhealthy behaviours our stress levels and mental health plummets. If you can summon the strength to detach from any toxicity and generate the self belief that you will be better in this new life. A life in which you’ll inherit a sense of liberation, … Read More