There’s no wonder so many women get a complex about going to gyms when there’s types of people on social media criticizing their body type, what outfits they wear and how hard they train.

If someone wants to workout in disco leggings or a baggy hoody and jogging bottoms?
Surely, It’s specific to whatever that person feels happy in?

It shouldn’t be an issue for what time or how hard they’re confident enough to train? The stand out point is they’re actually trying to achieve something and that really doesn’t affect anyone else.

For sure it shouldn’t be a big deal if a lady presents herself a particular way because she’s short on confidence due to toxic relationships and body shaming and is afraid of people knocking her further.

Anyone who makes someone feel unhappy in a gym shouldn’t be in a gym, period.
It’s a place which brings people together,
Nobody should have to tolerate intimidation.

I’d encourage all ladies to give the gym a chance whatever your goals, see what you can really achieve and certainly don’t listen to insecure dick bags that bring others down because of their own problems.