The popular notion towards weight training or any type of related exercise stems from people wanting to become healthier and improve how they look.

But why?

For many people it’s more than just going to a gym, it’s equally as psychological as it is physical.

I speak about this openly during consultations with clients, anxiety, confidence flaws, body dysmorphia and depression are huge stressors to people deciding to start weight training.

Over the years i’ve worked with individuals from each end of the spectrum.
Using unorthodox methods and specific workouts to benefit said issues.

When it comes to a 1-1 working relationship it’s imperative you understand a person on all different levels.
Overcoming mental barriers they’ve experienced is an angle that should be shown consideration .

So when the narrow minded judge a bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast, overweight or underweight individual for being in the gym.
Just remember that the smile on their face could be a facade to a deeper story going on in their mind.

Hope many of you out there can relate and are finding ways of dealing with lockdown effectively. As a personal trainer if I can be of assistance my inbox is open.