Ever failed at a goal? ever royally screwed something up?
Yeah? Me too!

Why is it that we fail, get upset and make all these mistakes?

Because we are designed to. As humans it’s all part of our infrastructure to reach points of difficulty, it’s also in our capacity as humans to find new ways to learn and overcome these challenges.

Try employing these strategies to help lift you from failure to the second round 🥊

💥 accepting you failed and identifying the reason that caused it
💥 taking accountability for your mistakes and actually writing down what it taught you and how to avoid recurrence
💥don’t create a barrage of goals in a short space of time. Stagger your targets,objectives are more achievable when we break things down.
💥eliminate negative influences, likeminded forward thinking people will aid your success
💥ensure you have a solid persistent party hat 🥳