We’ve all heard it “New year, new you”
a statement which is often abandoned after a few half hearted weeks.
So Why does this vow result in reverting back to the old habits?

– People tend to take on too much too soon, invest in a journal, write down and be accountable for your targets.
Create a step by step structure to avoid overload.

– You don’t enjoy the process? Trying to stick to a restrictive diet, eating meals you hate or attending workouts that just don’t suit you or your body goals are counterproductive. Mental stimulation and happiness should always be considered.

– The goals aren’t realistic. You want to lose body fat/body weight but you try to lose 3 stone in a month. It’s far from sustainable. Generally speaking 0.5-1lb loss a week is an approximate figure to work to ( disregarding the initial drop from water loss )

– There isn’t morale or support around you. No encouragement or negativity from friends are a fast track to you throwing in the towel. This negative input usually stems from jealousy of you wanting to achieve things they haven’t .

– The goals have been set, but you lose sight of why you set them?
Remembering what drove you to this new start is your fuel, whether that be a dysfunctional relationship, body confidence or previous failures. Use the them.

– Life Balance is crucial, as well as your gym or diet engage in enjoyable activities, don’t totally remove food and drink behaviours that you really enjoy and certainly don’t avoid family celebrations over fear of slipping off course.

– TIME “ I don’t have time” so many of you use this excuse. You get out of bed at half 7? Then Get up at half 6? The Netflix you binge watch every week, half that? The minutes you spend swiping on tinder or Facebook? All this amounts to the time required.