The girl they may mock for wearing confidence boosting makeup, or the person they try to crush for the clothes they wear because putting on that outfit makes them feel damn decent?

The bodybuilders you judge for living in the gym, it’s possible they spend their time there to channel tension or upset that’s occurring elsewhere in their life?

Probability is they’re more insecure than you realise and just want to feel better about themselves.

How about the guy or girl you presume is arrogant or self loving because of what they post on social media or how they carry themselves in public?

Just because someone’s smiling doesn’t mean they’re happy, just because someone’s a loud fun character doesn’t mean they aren’t crumbling inside, we all wear our masks at times.

The ones you judge as being a show off or being materialistic? What If that person wasn’t fed with the silver spoon and grew up with nothing!

What if they grafted each month for the last decade to get to that pivotal position ?
Appreciate their holidays, that new car or house, because they’ve earnt their stripes.

That ‘small’ individual you may criticise or even video in the gym for how they choose to train or how they look?!
Not only it have taken some serious courage to step in the gym in the first place but what if they don’t actually want to be team massive?
What if they’re just wanting to be healthier or they’re actually a high grade in jujitsu?

Those you slam as being ‘paranoid’ or ‘mental’ Because they question or react differently things others don’t?
what if that lass or lad has developed trust issues because they’ve been abused either physically or mentally in the past imagine that.

Support your fellow human, Don’t be that dick who drags everyone down.