Whether a change has been circulating the mechanisms of your mind for months or it’s a recent transition, Maybe you’ve just broken up with your partner and you want to feel better about who you are?
Or the mental pressures of lockdown have reached it’s peak?

Either way starting out in the gym can be daunting new territory for many.
Whenever I meet a new client the first signs of how they’re designed is if they’re sat in the gym waiting for me or sat in their car asking if I’m there.

Naturally some of us are more confident and outgoing than others, that’s not to darken the shadow over the unconfident it simply means we’re people and no two people are genetically and psychologically engineered the same.

This said, it’s crucial as a trainer or coach we identify in greater detail, not only someone’s goals but any drawbacks or apprehension a person has.

For instance if there’s an individual that’s been taunted about their appearance or ability In social situations or maybe in a malignant relationship.
It’s of fundamental importance we don’t employ unsustainable methodology to provide a quick fix.

A rebound or failure scenario for these people will not only break their trust with you but cause detrimental effects to their progress and mindset.

Session programming should denote any personal achievements the person has along with great consideration for how they’re feeling mentally each step of the way.

An example of this would be a female client in the latter of her fourth week menstrual cycle where estrogen is low, performance is hampered and emotions are somewhat sensitive.

Me attempting to take train them heavy, and of high intensity would be naive.
Having a good conversation and a steady session on the boxing pads would maybe be more appropriate – or more so even telling them to go out and have a glass of red and slice of pizza with their mate?
Unorthodox but valid in my opinion.

In a nutshell people are people, not robots or genetic clones.
We all have some sort of footprint from our past that we need to alter in order to gain a degree of success and greater mental wellbeing.

Personal training to me will never be a simple project of throwing a lamb to the slaughter without any key knowledge of that persons background or thought process, it’s purely
counter productive to my work.

If you’re reading this thinking I think I’m ready to take that step then you go and take it!
Whether you falter or find the next step you still got off your sofa and tried.

Strength in body – Strength in mind!