Truth Bombs

November 18, 2020By adminBlog Posts

💪🏻60 minutes in the gym – “I haven’t got time” 📺60 minutes Netflix series – “that went quick let’s watch the next episode” 🍏🌯2 weeks healthy Food shopping – £70 – “too expensive” 🍔🍰One Saturday meal out – £70 – “what’s for dessert? ” 👙Fat loss programme – £100- “i can’t justify that” 🥂🍟gin & … Read More

Client Success

November 14, 2020By adminBlog Posts

Well done Katie 👏 Contrary to common belief It isn’t my job to get someone the most dramatic results in the shortest amount of time. My vision as a trainer is provide honesty to a person in order to achieve their targets effectively and sustainably, without muscle loss and the unwanted rebounds that are accompanied … Read More

The Throwback

November 14, 2020By adminBlog Posts

11 stone and no real ambitions to 15 stone 10lbs and a successful career. Ever wonder where you’d be and the things you wouldn’t be doing if you listened every time someone told you NOT to do something with your life. Occasionally I’ll reflect back, Just to remind me of what I’ve achieved and overcome. … Read More

Started from the bottom, now you’re here…

November 14, 2020By adminBlog Posts

Whether a change has been circulating the mechanisms of your mind for months or it’s a recent transition, Maybe you’ve just broken up with your partner and you want to feel better about who you are? Or the mental pressures of lockdown have reached it’s peak? Either way starting out in the gym can be … Read More