This year especially has cast a mental storm upon many of us.
Having the vision to see this weathering and then gain the tools to overcome overflow and create the right outlets for a more successful day should be at the forefront of our minds.

Toxic relationships, career challenges and body and health anxieties all contribute to a pretty bleak day for mental health.

So how do you start to build your stress bucket drainage outlets?

First and foremost take a look at your surroundings and actually write down what uplifts you and what drags your spirits down.

Secondly quit the scrolling of fake, superficial lives on social media. It’s a sure fine way to open those clouds right up and create a mental downpour.
Focus on your own story not someone else’s!

Thirdly, formulate a step by step plan to provide all the right movements to get you to a happier, healthier place without having to face a storm everyday.

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