As the typical day goes, we wake up with the best intentions of abiding to our nutrition plans, We start off well regimented and then life happens.

One of your kids set fire to your shoes?
Your dog pee’d in your handbag?
Your boss at work, well, does what bosses at work tend to do?
Your partner decides to tell you they’ve been having bedroom athletics with someone else?

You get the picture ladies and gents, stress levels naturally fluctuate throughout the day and affect our best laid health and fitness plans.

So when we arrive home in the evening exhausted, upset and stressed what releases those feel good chemicals and makes us feel good? Sugar and other carbs!

Whilst I’m not an advocate of a strict mind numbing diet I do relay to all my clients that there’s a time and place for larger treats.
When these evening cravings occur you need to have an alternative go to which will elicit similar satisfaction.

Here’s a few options I’d suggest…

  • 10 cal jelly pots with dark fruits
  • banana and flakes of dark chocolate
  • 1 rice cake with crunchy peanut butter and raspberries
  • Go to bed and call a friend, if they’re the right friend they’ll support you and you’ll swerve the fridge.
  • Get laid, you’ll laugh but one of the biggest releases of dopamine ( feel good hormone ) is through sexual activity, also you’ll kill off some calories too!

Hope this helps you evening bingers!