Way too many of us depend highly on the personal side of social media and those ‘likes’ for instant gratification.

It’s a dangerous web we weave when it gets to the point where the amount of attention a post gets determines your mood and self esteem.

I for one have been guilty of this in past years, looking back it’s total insanity. Relying on social media and people we barely, or don’t even know for happiness and self worth?!

This was one reason I started up a new private Instagram page with minimal people on it, yeah some days you probably don’t get one
‘ like ‘ but so f@cking what?

If you build your own confidence and believe in your own self love you’re no longer phased by how much attention a personal post gets.

You post what YOU want because it’s YOUR page and content which YOU’RE interested in, not for the acceptance of someone else.

My ten pence worth of advice

– less pointless scrolling at fake lives and luxury that make you feel inadequate
– before you post something think if it’s for gratification or genuine
– invest more time in yourself and doing things that benefit your life and positivity
– if it’s something worth it, it won’t come in the form of a like.

Happy isolation folks 👍🏻