Keeping mentally stimulated for the upcoming weeks will be a tough ride for many of us,
Including a variation of activities is paramount to sustain happiness, suppress worries and maintain good health.

Here’s my routine at the moment to try yourselves.

– Wake up and put uplifting music on immediately and drink a glass of water

– Make my bed and ensure the room is tidy ( if you start the day still living in yesterday it’s poor discipline and causes drawbacks on progress )

– Vitamins, supplements and coffee

– A Challenging but not overloading Home workout that is changed daily.

– Cook a breakfast, change your options throughout week( cooking a meal will stimulate the mind and provide sense of achievement)

– Check in with online clients ( not applicable for you guys )

– Head out with the dog, I try to walk different places to maintain that variation factor.

– Cook another meal, again keeping it different from the day before

– Write a passage in a journal, writing especially about your life can be liberating and aid cognitive function.

– Afternoon movie. We’re all human and relaxation is also important.

– Clean an area of the house. Ticking of home Hygiene, discipline and maintaining movement get the marigolds out and get things shining.

– Read a book and light and insense stick. I personally change my reads every few days to keep things fresh, keeping educated and stimulating the brain is a fundamental part of the day.

– Talk to people over the phone or video call, if you’re like me all my family and friends live in another city so it’s important to be reassured they’re happy and see if they need any help.

– Netflix, candles and chill ( solo 🙃 )