– Eating carbohydrates after 7pm won’t cause fat storage, if anything i’d advise eating slower digesting carbs before bed you’ll have a great nights sleep aiding adrenal fatigue and reducing bodily stress whilst also fuelling for the next morning for all those that “ don’t have time for breakfast”

– Muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat, muscle is just more dense. A pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat.

– Turning fat into muscle? Unless you’re an alien again not so true. A muscle is a muscle, the subcutaneous fat under the skin can be reduced accompanied by muscle stimulus therefore giving the idea that fat can be turned to muscle.

– “ What’s the best diet “ truth? There isn’t one! A structured eating regime should suit YOU, your lifestyle and psychological state. What works for your pal won’t work for you.

– Ladies! “ I don’t want to get too big though” simple answer? You don’t have testicles.

– The reality TV celebrities who release a workout DVD to promote how they overcame every obstacle and did battle with a mountain lion to go from fat to thin, reality of that? They got paid to go on a juice diet and got told to bang some clen in.

– You can’t CUT a muscle using certain CUTTING exercises, muscles grow or decrease the same goes for bodyfat. there aren’t exercises designed to get out the clippers and trim your arms up

– Unless you wear head to food in Gym Shark, myprotein and beats headphones you aren’t a real gym goer. Also not true, where what the fuck you want to wear as long as you don’t smell of 7 day BO or look like you’ve just come from down a pit.